Hi, I’m Nazia.

I’m a postdoc in cognitive neuroscience at the Prediction and Learning Lab, University of Cambridge, UK. Previously, as part of the Parke-Davis Exchange Fellowship, I was hosted by the Psychiatry, Embodiment and Computation Lab at the Carney Institute of Brain Science, Brown University, USA.

I use a variety of cognitive neuroscience techniques, from behavioural experiments to ultra high-resolution 7T MRI and Spectroscopy, to investigate the neurocomputations of perception, learning, and decision-making in relation to mental health and neurodiversity. For my PhD research at the Autism Research Centre (ARC) of the Department of Psychiatry, I investigated the neurocognitive mechanisms of perceptual inference in autism. I continue to collaborate with the ARC on projects related to perception and cognition in autism.

Aside from research, I also conduct undergraduate supervisions (i.e, small group teaching) for a number of modules at the Department of Psychology.

When I’m not doing science or teaching, I like to unwind with my cat Sultan of Cambridge aka Sully, horror movies, spicy food, and 90s music. (The profile picture may have misled you into thinking I’m a cool, outdoorsy person… I’m not.)

I’m originally from Chennai, a coastal city in South India, known for its sweltering summers and scrumptious breakfast foods.